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Purpose Led, Impact Driven

Hopeful Studio is a collective of seasoned and emerging creatives, designers, developers, writers, illustrators and animators – lead by experienced Founder and Creative Director Stephen Murray.  We feel, it’s our sensitivity and consciousness towards people that has guided our work, clientele, and ultimately our direction. 

Nominated for two UK awards in quick succession, both being independent agency of the year, we’ve found ourselves on an exciting path towards seeing our skills and creativity being used to inspire growth in people and planet conscious enterprises. To use a football term, we like to think we are the pass before the assist in social impact.

Purpose Led

To understand why. To find meaning and recognise the value this work brings beyond the business agenda. It’s to really know how it effects the lives of stakeholders from within the organisation and the people engaging with the brand in their every day activity.

Impact Driven

To measure the results not just on a data front, but in every day human contexts. To go beyond the direct outputs and better understand the social outcomes. To be impact driven is to keep central to the project the intended mission and identify in real time if this being achieved or de-railed.

This is our commitment

  • A brand that is relevant in todays society
  • Digital design that accessibly builds brand universe
  • Stakeholders engaged every step of the way
  • Relentless passion and positivity


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