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Impact Assessment Tool

A bespoke impact assessment tool with a fully branded data dashboard. We're ever learning the value of quality impact data. It's important we look beyond outputs and further collect key insight regarding outcomes. Outputs are the high-level statistics you'll find in most social impact / value tools. We're offering a localised, community centred outcomes data collection tool that identifies the real life impact your service is having. And it's something you can co-design from scratch!

A bespoke assessment tool, co-designed with you and built from the ground up.

We’re on a mission to extract true authentic value from within organisations and develop this value into heartfelt, inspiring and personable impact stories that provide genuine support for further funding.

Discover your impact metrics

A co-production workshop that helps you better understand how you’re measuring impact and what metrics will inform your outcome data.

Nobody likes filling in forms. This has to be a brand experience that feels user friendly, encouraging and graphically enjoyable in a way that cultivates ongoing data inputting.

Using your brand guidelines, let’s understand how we need to visualise your data. We’ll be developing branded bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and more, with filtering functionality to help you drill down into key data quickly.

Invite stakeholders to fill in the assessment and start road testing the platform in localised community programs as well as micro delivery schemes.

Learn where the data is trending over time and start to compare via region, demographic, types of care and many more nuanced comparable metrics that provide healthy insight regarding your impact effectiveness.

Use the platform to invite CSR partners and donors to quickly learn in real time your impact metrics. Extract data in the form of a PDF or spreadsheet to support funding bids and ongoing reporting.

If your organisation is applying for B Corp status this is perfect for you. One of the key requirements in the B Corp application process is the annual reporting of impact. Get ahead of the last minute rush and avoid spreadsheets that require lengthy administration pain. Fill in your impact assessments in real time through this helpful tool.

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