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My internship at Hopeful

Published July 11, 2022

I completed a four-week internship at Hopeful as a website developer in their brand-led creative studio in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. Hopeful is an exciting, engaging, innovative studio that works to cultivate brand & digital growth for disrupters, social enterprises and charities. With their inventive services offered with a charitable ethos, it is understandable why it is a successful, rapidly growing studio.

Being at Hopeful has given me indispensable insight into not only how a company works, but a company with integrity, heart and hope. I came in during the studio’s rebrand to the name Hopeful, and it was extremely clear why this name fits. Hopeful has a true desire to make the world a better place and this is evident through the projects they work on and the human-centred brands they work with. Seeing the flow of projects getting passed around by inventive minds and working to everybody’s strengths gave me great understanding of how a creative studio works. Everyone is friendly and approachable, and the studio has their values outlined as Positivity, Perseverance, Precision. These are exhibited through their actions, working to accurately design for clients with a positive mindset, which highlighted the importance of upholding quality values in work.

As an intern web developer, this opportunity provided an ideal place to develop and refine my programming skills with PHP, developing web pages whilst working in liaison with designers and developers using their brand toolkits made in-studio to develop the best possible outcome for clients. My teamwork skills were further refined when assisting in brand research, learning how to present design ideas to a client and having the chance to take part in team meetings to see how a creative studio strategises and organises itself in order to be most effective. By helping charities and social enterprises, I could feel Hopeful is making a true difference and holds a positive outlook on the future.

I would recommend Hopeful in any sense, to work with for clients, and for designers and developers to collaborate with.

Dan O’Sullivan

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