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Communicating the value of biodiversity to a football club stakeholder community

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Manchester City’s Etihad Campus was previously an industrial and heavily polluted area of East Manchester. It was formally used by the coal mining industry, hosting gas works, and even a chemical plant in the past 200 years.
In 2010, the club began the mammoth task of remediating and transforming the site into the cutting-edge training complex you see today.

The club also took on the wider regeneration of the local area, planting ver 2500 mature trees, three kilometers of hedges, acres of grassland, wildflower meadows, wetland swales, and ornamental shrub beds were created when the site was developed and completed in 2014.

Client offering

Manchester City continues to manage and maintain the landscape with an ever-growing consideration for biodiversity and sustainability. The club now works with Niche Environmental who oversee the development of the local natural habitat they’re creating.


Whilst it is clear to see how Manchester City have completely transformed the local area. The majority of people are unaware of the work & importance behind the development of natural habitats in outdoor areas.

We worked in collaboration with Niche Environmental, creating a series of infographic signs raising awareness of the natural habitats designed to help nature thrive at the campus

The values and barriers image for Manchester City FC, a project of Liverpool based design agency, Hopeful Studio.

Hopeful value

An understanding of the clubs' mission to boost biodiversity & sustainability whilst creating an outdoor environment that looks great and positively contributes towards people's health and wellbeing.


Three infographic signs were created and installed around the campus helping to inform employees and visitors about the local area & its biodiverse habitats, as well as the importance of the animals and invertebrates that inhabit the area.

A football theme is brought into play through ‘Pollinators FC’ & ‘Bugs on the Bench’, a squad full of insects that are attracted to the area by its planting area specially designed to attract and support pollinators who are suffering a continued decline across the world.

The series of signs also highlight critical features developed by Niche and what they bring to the local area, as well as information about the continued work Manchester City has put in to help the natural outdoor habitats thrive.

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