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And cry… The Ad that actually resonates deeper.

Published November 10, 2022

It’s witty charm captivates you in the first minute. The humble disposition of dad like figure trying to get to grips with a tricky skateboard is beautifully disarming and allows us to emotionally connect into his cause. As our imaginations prepare us for the triumphant crescendo of him doing all this work for a child. What we didn’t expect is that the child is part of a care scheme. This surprise is the real beauty of the ad. It shines a light on a relevant issue that will be unfamiliar for a large portion of the population. It flies the flag for brilliant care organisations that are truly making a difference in our local society. For that reason, is quite fantastic. Let’s be honest, it’s just what we needed. A moment to stop being commercial, a moment to be human and think about those who need us most.

Lot’s of people will post about this today…

What does it actually mean to us at Hopeful?
Why is it more than a beautifully shot festive tear jerker?

Earlier this year, in an attempt to stay true to ourselves and without trying to be too fashionable, we took what felt to be a brave move as a business: To fully concentrate and build on the work we have done in the charity and social enterprise space.

It meant sacrificing some more commercial projects, work that perhaps we started our career trying to pursue. But it also meant doing far more rewarding work that would hopefully contribute a real sense of change.

In our early growth, we found ourselves solving tricky brand and digital problems in the Social Care space, Care Leavers space, and Social Harmony space. To many founders those things aren’t always particularly trendy or desirable when it comes to growing your classic creative agency.

However, we’re learning that following the more organic path of natural momentum, instead of trying to engineer a particular dream or vision can often be a far more fruitful and rewarding long term decision.

Then – The biggest Christmas Ad of the season shines a light on some of the key issues we’ve spent all year tackling creatively!

Wow! That makes us super proud and incredibly grateful.

When you have a moment, take some time to Google the organisations they highlight at the end of the Ad and discover the incredible work they are doing to improve peoples lives.

Here is link the Ad if you’d like to watch it:

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