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The Story Of How Design Integrity Became Hopeful

Published May 12, 2022

What started life as a graphic design studio for a variety of business’, is now an exciting brand and digital consultancy for disrupter brands, social enterprises and charities.

In the beginning, the mission was to simply help organisations be authentic. The name Design Integrity came from my passion to remove irrelevant design choices and copy cat branding initiatives from business’ communications pack. Instead DI would help the business retain its visual and tonal integrity through challenging them to be brave, and be themselves.

Over time, a pattern occurred. We’d consistently and organically build amazing relationships with charities and social enterprises. And the brands that invested in us were brands willing enough to disrupt their market and contribute a sense of change in their market and in the world around us.

For this reason we felt it was time to change our name. Design Integrity has served a great purpose, and we endeavour to retain our sense of integrity, in both design and how we conduct our work. But every business needs a market to target, has a problem they solve and a message that flagships their passion. For us this is Hopeful. Our hope is that we can truly contribute to your organisation making the world better. It’s our mandate is to help brands help people.

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