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Travel through Na’s visual journey of China

Published March 16, 2023

Hello readers, my name is Na, I’m a creative designer at Hopeful Studio. My skills are in animation, illustration and graphic design. 

I’ve just been back to China visiting my family for the past 3 months. It was very nice to see friends and family again, after 3 years. 

I did a lot of fun things and the food was delicious! As a visual designer, I can’t help but find interesting designs in China. Here are some designs I found when I was there. 

This is a library in TangGu a city in North China. From the outside look into the library, it looks like an eye. The entire room is filled with white-themed ceilings and shelves. It’s a surreal experience to be in that space.

A hotpot restaurant, I really like the branding and signage design. The colour is vibrant and full of energy, you can tell the food is going to be very spicy without reading the words. I love how the Chinese characters are in a bold font style and they work really well with the illustrations too. 

A little cafe in Tianjin, I love the internal design here, it gives that soft and relaxed feeling.

These prints are from Beijing GuGong Museum. The patterns are picked from the artworks in the museum. 

Event poster, this print illustrates what’s happening during this festival 🎊 the story is written in the back.

This stamp was used back in 1737, they use them as a signature for proof of documents.

Cake Package design from a supermarket. I really like the digital flower illustration pattern sitting with the detailed traditional drawing in the back. 

My journey in China not only brought me closer to my family but also allowed me to appreciate the beautiful and creative designs that can be found throughout my home country.

The unique branding, typography, and illustrations in these designs showcase the fusion of traditional Chinese culture and modern aesthetics.

My experience reminds me that design is all around us and can be appreciated in even the smallest of details.

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