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We have our first nomination as Hopeful! πŸŽ‰ Best Small Digital Agency Of The Year 2023!

Published December 9, 2022

Earlier this year, in an attempt to stay true to ourselves and without trying to be too fashionable, we took what felt to be a brave move as a business: To fully concentrate and build on the work we have done in the charity and social enterprise space. Hence our rebrand from Design Integrity to Hopeful Studio. It meant sacrificing some more commercial projects, work that perhaps we started our career trying to pursue. But it also meant doing far more rewarding work that would hopefully contribute a real sense of change. In our early growth, we found ourselves solving tricky digital problems in the Social Care space. To many founders those things aren’t always particularly trendy or desirable when it comes to growing your classic creative agency. However, we’re learning that following the more organic path of natural momentum, instead of trying to engineer a particular dream or vision can often be a far more fruitful and rewarding long term decision.

Less than nine months later, we find ourselves on the list of nominees for Best Small Digital Agency of the Year. We are delighted. Winning this award would be a truly valued encouragement that you have to listen to your gut, be sensitive to the genuine demand in your market and be wonderfully authentic. We are very excited to be in the running…

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