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Anthony Walker Foundation

Brand & Digital

Tackling racism in the workplace, schools and in broader society through re-building a positive voice and visual identity

The hero image for Anthony Walker Foundation, a project of Liverpool based design agency, Hopeful Studio.


Market awareness
Positioning and penetration
Tone of voice
Creative Direction

Social challenges

The Anthony Walker Foundation (AWF) faced the challenge of rebranding its organisation after its establishment in 2006 following the racially motivated murder of Anthony Walker. With the tragic incident at the core of its existence, the rebranding process needed to be approached with sensitivity. The organisation wanted to create a positive and lasting legacy for Anthony by tackling racism, hate crime, and discrimination through educational opportunities, victim support services, and promoting equity and inclusion.

Client offering

The AWF address issues related to racism, hate crimes, and discrimination in the work place and within educational institutions. Their mission is centred on promoting equity and inclusion for all, fostering a society free from prejudice and hatred.

They aim to be a prominent voice in addressing social issues, promoting understanding, and fostering change.


Without a brand that carries weight both aesthetically and tonally, the organisation will struggle to ramp up a following and influence change both in the public realm and within the corporate sector.

The creative team needed to strike a balance between respecting the profound history of the organisation and providing honest contributions that would facilitate its progression. Additionally, the rebranding needed to engage a younger demographic, ensuring their retention as essential stakeholders in the charity's mission.

Hopeful value

Empathy and understanding towards the client's mission and the tragic circumstances that led to the foundation's establishment. We approached the rebranding process with sensitivity and an understanding of the emotional significance involved.

We emphasised that creativity and innovation would need to be central in developing a new brand identity for the foundation. We persuaded the AWF to craft a bold and vibrant expression that resonates with their younger audience as well as bring energetic confidence in their corporate offering.

We provided strategic thinking when conducting re-discovery workshops and creative direction consultations.


Through a series of re-discovery workshops and creative direction consultations, the creative team successfully navigated the rebranding process, crafting a bold and vibrant expression for the Anthony Walker Foundation. The new identity reflected the bravery and charisma of Anthony himself, projecting a powerful voice that resonated with the public, especially younger generations who play a significant role in shaping society's future.

The online presence developed during the initiative served as a powerful shop window, showcasing AWF's compelling proposition to sponsors, partners, and funders. The brand's graphic illustrative expressions specifically appealed to the younger demographic, ensuring their continued engagement with the charity.

The rebrand had substantial impact, attracting global telecoms firm Vodafone as a client within a few weeks of the brand's launch. The new brand identity empowered the organization to project its voice and image with an energized and persuasive disposition, enhancing its influence and crafting a positive impact for generations to come. By using Anthony's legacy as a catalyst for change, the Anthony Walker Foundation continues its mission to tackle racism, hate crime, and discrimination while fostering equity and inclusion for all.

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