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Sweden tech start-up: Online traffic sees 70% uplift after re-brand

The hero image for AudioHarvest, a project of Liverpool based design agency, Hopeful Studio.


Discovery Workshops
Logo Development
Brand Identity Development
Tone of Voice & Positioning
Brand Guidelines
Asset Tool-kit

Social challenges

Sweden based tech start-up AudioHarvest did not have a modern brand that was culturally relevant and a reflection of its ambitious values with contemporary energy.

Client offering

The platform uses cutting-edge technology that transforms website content into automated podcasts. The business strives to improve how people learn and absorb information while enhancing how organisations distribute their materials.

Their user-centric approach to technology aims to create a platform that enhances the learning experience for users and streamlines content distribution for organisations.


The primary barrier was the absence of a modernised visual identity and communication assets that aligned with AudioHarvest's new to market strategy. The creative team needed to develop an identity that captured the authentic essence of the business while also communicating to it's market audience with punch and presence.

To enhance the online communication of AudioHarvest's technology, the creative team worked on character illustration design and development. Illustrations that visually depicted the process of turning website content into automated podcasts. These character illustrations were strategically used across the website and marketing materials to help users understand the tool's benefits and functionality intuitively.

Hopeful value

Creativity and innovation in crafting a modernised visual identity and communication asset kit for AudioHarvest.

Effective communication through design. Our goal was to visually convey AudioHarvest's value proposition and technology capabilities clearly and convincingly to the target audience, with energy and vigour.

We endeavoured to add further value by bring the client on a distinct journey of identity development. We did this through Discovery Workshops, Logo Development, Brand Identity Development, Animation. Illustration, Tone of Voice, Brand Guidelines and Asset Tool-kits.


With a 70% uplift in digital impressions, AudioHarvest has experienced an increase in new users, deeper user engagement, and improved brand recognition, setting a strong foundation for the continued growth and success of the business.

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