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Liverpool Football Club

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Educating LFC fans in the importance of Biodiversity

The hero image for Liverpool Football Club, a project of Liverpool based design agency, Hopeful Studio.


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Nature is declining across the UK but there are simple things that we can do to help nature recover. Small gardens, flower beds or even just a few plant pots can support many species, particularly insects.

We recently teamed up with Niche to help Liverpool Football Club improve its landscape to support nature by creating valuable habitat assisted signage to help raise awareness.

Client offering

As part of their ongoing sustainability work, Liverpool FC have begun improving their estate for nature including the public realm surrounding Anfield. The club renovated the Hillsborough memorial garden which is made up of five small flower beds. A planting design focusing on support for pollinators was chosen and the new scheme breathed fresh life into this area of Anfield.


Whilst the new stadium improvements are clear for all to see, the majority of people are unaware of the work & importance behind the development of natural habitats in public spaces. Leaving the club with the need to communicate this work with visitors to inform them.

The values and barriers image for Liverpool Football Club, a project of Liverpool based design agency, Hopeful Studio.

Hopeful value

Working in collaboration with Niche we consulted with LFC to create the ‘Planting for Pollinators at Anfield’ campaign, showcasing the great work the club have done to boost biodiversity in the local area.


A large A0 information board housing all the information about the Pollinator planting scheme & the insects this will attract was designed. A football-themed narrative was applied to the content & design throughout.

Showcasing ‘The players to look out for’ a team of 11 pollinator players factsheets were scattered throughout the five flowerbeds, creating a species treasure trail that beaks out from the A0 board. Each of the 11 player plaques provides a interesting Species fact for each.

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